My Hammer Review

Having reviewed terms and conditions as a roofline contractor in Scotland I do not see My Hammer as a good deal for my customers.


My hammer charge $44.70 every three months to generate leads for roofline jobs, which is reasonable however they also charge 6% of the contract sum plus vat which is not.


These fees are rather sizable additional cost to pass on to my customers, a cost that I feel I can not comfortably pass on.


Another issue is posting a roofline job online is it not very practical given each job is different, they all have unique qualities such as access and health and safety requirements, ground conditions etc. that can only be assessed accurately by a visual inspection.


A big part of my job is helping customers understand their roofline options and the pros and cons of each choice they make so they can make informed decisions about their roofline purchase.


For example coloured roofline is not guaranteed for colour fastness by any manufacturer for as long as white PVC. Nothing I can do about that as a contractor however I do feel things like this should be made clear so that the customer can decide on what is more important to them.


The only way I can see how a contractor can price work that reflects the actual requirements to carry out a roofline job professionally would be to over price the job in My Hammer to compensate for the lack of knowledge a customer may have when they request a quote or alternatively quote an unrealistically low price and charge extra for omissions in the job description.


Needless to say neither option I am ethically comfortable with therefore will not be listing Strathclyde Roofline on My Hammer as I would rather give my customers an honest quote first time round that gets the job done at an agreed price as ethically and professionally as possible.


Now I have to be objective My Hammer may have some merit for simple construction work that can be very clearly defined by the layman, however roofline installation is a very specialist trade with multiple variations of options that makes My Hammer in this instance not an option for Strathclyde Roofline hence this review.


I hope this review has been of value to you and feel free to get in touch if you need any advise on roofline products anywhere in the central belt of Scotland.