Roofline quotes How to get the best deal.

Getting roofline quotes can be a tricky business, so how do you get the best deal?

Roofline quotes imageDid you know shopping around for roofline quotes has it’s hidden costs.

Pay per click advertising.

Typically a roofline company will pay about £50 for each enquiry with 1 in 3 resulting in a sale, therefore you end up paying an extra £150 for using any roofline company that uses pay per click advertising. You will not see it in the quote however it will be covered within the mark up on the materials and labour.


Roofline Quotes Web Sites

Roofline companies typically pay £25 per enquiry and need about 3 enquiries for a sales, which is £75 extra you will pay for in hidden marketing costs. You also run the risk of your contact details been sold on to other companies mailing lists.


National Roofline company

These are by far the most expensive companies to get  roofline quotes from as they run very expensive TV and radio ads, plus sending out millions of  direct mail shots. They also typically pay their sales people a commission up to 20% of the value of your order. Interestingly they buy the same roofline materials from the same suppliers as we do. So if you really want a nationally branded van in your street then just be aware your paying thousands more for the privilege without getting a better quality job.


Super Cheap Quotes

Beware anyone offering roofline quotes based on being the cheapest. Typically these type of companies over cap your existing rotted timbers with very thin PVC, Sometime it can be as thin as a 2 pence piece!

This is false economy and the roofline is not secured to sound timber and being so thin it tends to blow off in the wind. Other issues are using cheap recycled PVC discolours very quickly, particularly if their is mould on the existing timber fascia.

You will also note these companies use ladders rather than proper access, this is not only dangerous but makes fitting the roofline correctly incredibly difficult.


Word of Mouth

Strathclyde Roofline business predominately comes from word of mouth via existing customers recommending us. If your looking for a few quotes then ask your neighbours for recommendations, you will most likely find we may well have done their roofline or one of their friends or colleagues roofline.

We don’t advertise our roofline on TV or the radio, nor do we pay for enquires nor do we send out customised mail shots, so you don’t need to pay for all these additional costs. This is why we can offer a competitive price but still give you the very best in quality.

Our roofline quotes a free, you are under no obligation to buy and should you wish to go ahead you don’t pay a penny until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

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