10 tips to get the best home improvement price

10 tips to get the best home improvement price

10 tips to the best home improvement price1. You get the best home improvement price when your ready to buy.

2. All the decision makers must be present.

3.  Decide the quality you want, the cheapest price is never the best option unless you are selling your property right now.

4. Decide how long do you need the product to last?  To the sale of your house, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, they all have options and price points.

5. Have the money available, either as cash or a loan such as a credit union or cheap deal via a super market, avoid home improvement loans.

6. Ask for a recommendation either from the home improvement company or from their clients

7.  Look for a company listed high the organic searches, they are their on merit.

8. If they company advertise on radio or TV then avoid as you end up paying for these ads. One national home improvement company spent £5 million in TV adverts in January!

9. If the company has share holders avoid as you are pay their profits.

10. If the company sent you a sales letter, avoid as you are paying for this marketing budget.


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